Your wellbeing is a combination of your mental, physical, emotional and social state. Emotions can be stored in your muscles, trauma in your genetic makeup. There is always more than one area which needs to be tended to so you can move through the stress which is currently causing dis-ease.

    Not your typical coach...

    I'm not just here to talk. Dance therapy applies the movement and mindset principles of dance to your heath as a whole. That means, not only do you receive coaching, but practical lifestyle, movement and mindset practices to nurture how you manage your stressors.


    My intuitive, and organized, approach follows my three pillars of wellness; Breathe, Move, Connect.



    • Mindset mentoring,

    • Breath and meditation practices,

    • Physical movement practices,

    • Energetic healing

    I WORK WITH...

    I work with women who are ready to stop being in a cycle of stress and anxiety, mamas who are ready prioritize themselves, those who don't want to dwell on what has happened in the past, instead desire to change how they nurture their self-care now. 


    You are in the right place if you:

    • Are ready to make your wellbeing a priority,

    • Want clear, personalized sustainable self-care practices that work for you and fit in your life,

    • Desire a deeper self-understanding and connection,

    • Are open to being held accountable for creating these healthier habits.



    All sessions are conducted online through private video call. The calls are recorded and you are given a client portal where you can access them and any other necessary tools/practices shared with you. We do more than just talking so you will need a yoga mat or small amount of space for moving your body.

    We begin with a FREE, NO PRESSURE CALL (book here) to make sure we are a good fit, and gain clarity on what it is you need. Once committed, we choose our weekly meeting time and appropriate package. see below

    Sessions are designed in a specific tried and true formula to generate the greatest results. Each individuals needs are also taken into account to enhance and personalize the experience. The following is a general outline of how we proceed:

    • Clarity - Examples: what is our focus, what is needed, what is your current reality and how can we create more space for self-care? What mindset practices do we need to cultivate?

    • Breathe - Examples: Exploring tools and practices that help create space and calm. Meditation, essential oils, breath practices.

    • Move - Examples: Where are you feeling stuck? Physical movement practices to help with feeling grounded, to embody your needs/mindset and to help with the regular maintenance you body needs to fee vibrant.

    • Connect - Examples: Connecting to your deeper needs/desires. Putting the practices learned together and how to integrate them sustainably in daily life.

    • Practice - Examples: Getting comfortable with taking baby steps and creating lasting habits. Trusting in the process and tools. Sustainable self-care in daily action.

    Availability/ spaces are limited so I can focus on quality service. Get in touch today.

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