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    A platform for dancers and community organizations.

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    Dance As You Are is a global platform that connects Dance Artists to profile their skills, achievements and successful community projects.


    Dance As You Are is driven by the belief that dance can transform lives.

    For that reason, we created a platform for dance artists to connect, communicate and share their work with community organizations.



    Dancers Unite!

    Let's share our work with the world.


    "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." Helen Keller

    Why Dance?

    Dance is not about learning steps, a style or technique. Dance is any movement the body chooses to make, a physical expression that words cannot express. For all human beings, dance is a way to learn and communicate. As babies we relate to our caregivers through movement and physical contact. As children we continue to learn through movement. All movement is dance; our physical connection to others and non-verbal communication - a life long dance with the world.

    How do you dance with the world?

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    Are you a dancer/dance company or community organization?


    We created Dance As You Are because we believe that dance has the power to transform lives.


    There are many dance artists around the globe who work passionately to share dance as a platform for social change. It is our mission to unite these dance artists.


    Together, we have the opportunity to empower, engage and enlighten the dance artists of today, using the skills and passion of artists who stand for real change.


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  • Dance is a catalyst for change.

    We're building a network of extraordinary, passionate dancers and artists who want to make a real difference in their local communities, and uniquely providing them the platform to do so.

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