• Dance As You Are

    You Were Born Dancing


    Dance as a global voice for positive change.


    Limitless- you are made of the stars
    Awareness- striving for deep awareness in all aspects of our selves
    Freedom- feel free within yourself
    Joy -embrace the moments and feel your power
    F*CK It- you have one life, live it




    We are all dancers.

    We live our lives through movement.

    We are committed to living fully through a deep connection to the body. In a world filled with new technologies that take us away from our bodies, it is vital to invest time, energy and consciousness to our physical body to ensure our health as individuals, families and as a society.

    Who we are

    Founder + Director // Nina Jane Patel M.A.

    Nina has trained and worked as a dancer and dance/movement therapist internationally for 25 years. This has provided her with a deep understanding of the body. As a passionate advocate for dance as an experience of the body, Nina strives to highlight the importance of the body society and believes in the power of embodied living to inspire, define and change individuals, families and communities for the better.


    Nina has proven success within the arts + culture sector significantly impacting the organizations she works with. Nina has demonstrated strong leadership and advocacy for the arts throughout her career and was recently recognized when she was selected for Banff Centre for Arts + Creativity’s inaugural Cultural Leadership Program and selected as a Leadership Fellow for the Business for the Arts CAS/21.


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