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    DAYA uses Bartenieff Fundamentals, ballet and contemporary dance techniques, to help people live radiantly healthy and inspiring lives.


    It begins with a mindset, that says our best way to get where we’re going is to feel good along the way. It also works miracles for whole health, by helping us learn to bring our entire self into everything we do, unblock energy where it’s stuck, and move more naturally and efficiently through challenge.


    DAYA offers a unique set of movements you develop – for connecting with yourself and others, unblocking your energy, healing what needs healing and accomplishing challenge with ease – uncovers your ability to create the life you want, and be an inspiring leader to the people around you.


    Using whole-body movement connected directly to your breath, as you explore all kinds of challenge, DAYA guides you into your Flow State. This is your body and mind finding harmony, by unblocking energy where it’s stuck, healing what needs healing, and learning to bring your whole self into graceful, coordinated movement. It’s the way you are meant to be. Creativity is heightened. You achieve an elevated state of strength, mobility, agility and endurance in your body, and calm focused awareness in your mind. You move through the familiar and unfamiliar with far less effort. This carries you much further without tiring, just feeling good.