Today, and into the future, give yourself the gift of your body in motion.


    Join me for my upcoming 8 week course!

    Find Your Dance. Find Your Power

  • Creative Coaching

    reconnect to your body + soul    

    renew your confidence + creativity  

      find joy and freedom in your body to release your potential

    Here's what my coaching can do for you:

    • learn to love your body
    • reclaim your body
    • find the joy of being you
    • experience a revitalized connection to what it means to be alive
    • find joy in your dance
    • commit to your power
    • live your life fully

    If you’re looking for support in any of those areas, and if you sense I might be the right guide for you, email me and let's set up a time to talk.



  • Making a Difference

    Articles to inspire you to dance...

  • Positively impacting lives through dance

    Creating opportunities to reveal and highlight the importance of movement in how we live, learn and relate to each other.


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